The KARA Business Expo & Conference is slated for November 25-27, 2016, at the Sarit Centre, Westlands – Nairobi. The event will bring together exhibitors from the private and public sectors to showcase their products, services and capacity to serve the market.

The participating exhibitors will be looking forward to interact with KARA members, invited groups and the wider public from across the country so as to network; seal deals and broaden their clientele.

The Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations (KARA) – - is the apex body representing the voice and proactive action of resident associations on consumers and taxpayers right countrywide. KARA is a membership organization keen on enhancing access to public service delivery through effective information, education and communication as well as forging partnerships with the private sector, development partners, government ministries, departments & agencies and other stakeholders. 

KARA is a non-political and non-partisan organization that works with both the public and private sector players to provide solutions to service delivery challenges and provide platforms for direct engagement between Kenyan residents and products/service providers.   

KARA’s contribution to the growth and development of the Kenyan economy is significant, and this exhibition is formulated to bring together private and public sector players to directly engage with as well as showcase their products to our broad and extensive membership profile, as well as other key invited participants drawn from different companies, organizations and establishments.

The business exhibition is the ultimate event for all ambitious businesses that are looking to grow and prosper.  At this free-to-attend business show, you will find a hive of creativity and activity from both our conference programme featuring inspirational keynote speakers, as well as from our variety of exhibitors showcasing the very best of local and regional businesses. We hope to inspire, educate and motivate participants at the event to develop and thrive in their respective endeavours. 

Whether you're in the startup phase or a long-established company, the KARA Business Expo & Conference has the right resources for you.  Our expo offers invaluable insights and exclusive networking opportunities with a wide range of business-critical presentations from top industry experts. If you're looking to drive your business forward and take the next step to success, join us at the Sarit Centre, Westlands in Nairobi for the expo & conference event. 

The event will help you develop business leads & new customers; network with peers in your industry; shop for new innovative products and services and gain invaluable industry insights. Participating in the KARA Business Expo will put your brand in front of your exact target market: thousands of the most influential decision-makers in the country. For those keen on gaining more value through sponsorship, our custom-made sponsorship packages fit any budget, and are designed to help you reach your company's marketing goals. 

Our approach is open and inclusive and we have a single, simple objective – to deliver a memorable, inspiring and productive event that will have a positive effect on all involved. Don’t miss your opportunity to get involved.